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We are all about enjoying the beautiful spring season and the holidays and decorations that go with it! Below are a few of our favorite decorating tips, besides buying a decorative area rug from us of course! Definitely take a moment to browse our St. Patrick's Day rugs and our Easter rugs collections!! Happy Spring from!

Force Bulbs in Chalkboard Pots

Add a cheery pop of spring color to your foyer, living room, kitchen — or anywhere. Chalkboard spray paint and inexpensive terra cotta pots are all you need. Once the bulbs have finished blooming indoors, plant them in your garden so you can enjoy their flowers for many springs to come. How to Make Spring Chalkboard Pots
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Magnetic Flowers

Put a little spring into your solid-toned tablecloths by embellishing them with a bunch of magnet-fitted flowers.


Colorful Boots

Fill colorful rain boots with coordinating colors of tulips or other spring flowers. Use florist water tubes to keep the flowers fresh. Tie on a pretty ribbon for the finishing touch.


Bottle Bright

Use a box of food coloring to add playful punch to an array of bud vases. 

Fill assorted vases or recycled jars and bottles with water tinted to match a variety of flowers. You can also use white blooms (such as affordable supermarket daisies or carnations), but remember what you learned in elementary science class: Those thirsty petals will take on the hue of your water!

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